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Re: Autobuilder needed?

On Sat, Jan 26, 2002 at 03:10:44PM -0600, Colin Watson wrote:
> The people on debian-bsd are starting to get the netbsd-i386
> architecture bootstrapped now, too. It might be worth talking to them,
> as they're beginning to run into the same issues.

And they are in the same position as we, that they can't do anything about
it but to make good suggestions and trying to get the people who can do
something about motivated to solve the problem (or at least interest
themselves for a solution).

I've thrown some ideas into the open already (in fact, several times, mostly
in 1999 and 2000 if I recall correctly), and volunteered to work out
more details.  But there was an utter lack of response, and I am not going
to spend the necessary time into a solution that is then rejected by the
dpkg maintainer, or the apt maintainer, or the ftp admins, or the
autobuilders, or by someone else, or is not going to happen for some other
reason.  Unless I get input on at least the basic ideas of how to proceed in
this issue, I can't commit myself to devote the time to this part of the
project.  Input like, yes, "that is as much flexibility as we want" or "this
is too much, step back and find a simpler solution" or just anything.

It's not that I am not able or not willing to work out solutions to this
problem (see for example
http://master.debian.org/~brinkmd/arch-handling.txt, which describes a more
complex approach to this issue as we will probably be possible to implement
in Debian).  But as I am not in charge for this, I can only offer my help
and wait.

Note that I fully realize that this is a complex problem, and it is of low
priority for Debian GNU/Linux, although there are some interesting aspects
of it for them, too.  Some work those people above did at leasts is useful
as a preparation to a solution (like the pools concept).  So please
understand the above more as a description of the problem rather than a
criticism.  However, I should also say that there is a definit need for a
solution, and I won't even think of a release of Debian GNU/Hurd before
that is resolved, or put any effort into the direction of a release.


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