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Re: Autobuilder needed?

On Fri, Jan 25, 2002 at 04:24:46PM +0000, James Troup wrote:
> Jeff Bailey <jbailey@nisa.net> writes:
> > We will be manually rebuilding [0] every package that is currently
> > in the Hurd archive and probably uploading in one pass.
> If you try that (or even threaten to), I will personally take great
> pleasure in ensuring *hurd-i386* is auto-deleted from incoming.  Do
> NOT do mass uploads, especially not in one pass!  It's evil and wrong
> and extremely rude to our mirror network and it will not be permitted.

I think Jeff meant to do all builds before starting to upload, and then
as tight together as feasible.  Even if we wanted to we probably couldn't
squeeze all 4000 packages or so in one dinstall frame.  You could help us by
letting us know how many mega bytes are acceptable per day (this can be
either just for us, or as a total in incoming, so we just fill up what is
left, if there is a strong fluctuation).
> On an unrelated note, you shouldn't just blindly use sbuild's
> --make-binNMU facility either; that only works when the architecture
> is in sync.

It will be very easy to filter out the packages that are uptodate and
require an NMU, and those that are out of date and don't require that.
In fact, there are at least two independant implementations of this
(quinn-diff and in turtle).  Thanks for the reminder.


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