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Re: Autobuilder needed?

On Fri, Jan 25, 2002 at 04:24:46PM +0000, James Troup wrote:

> > We will be manually rebuilding [0] every package that is currently
> > in the Hurd archive and probably uploading in one pass.
> If you try that (or even threaten to), I will personally take great
> pleasure in ensuring *hurd-i386* is auto-deleted from incoming.  Do
> NOT do mass uploads, especially not in one pass!  It's evil and wrong
> and extremely rude to our mirror network and it will not be permitted.

You get your knickers in a knot awfully fast, don't you?

The plan is currently that we will have a fully working repository on
another location.  Sometime between now and when this becomes real
(most likely in 3 or 4 weeks) my plan was to ask you how to do this in
the most mirror-friendly way.

Since we're on the topic, please let us know what the best way to do
this is.  We're essentially re-creating the hurd-i386 arch - The new
.debs will be binary incompatible with the old ones.  (In fact if we
could pick a less stupid name, this would be a great time to do it)

> On an unrelated note, you shouldn't just blindly use sbuild's
> --make-binNMU facility either; that only works when the architecture
> is in sync.  binNMU uploads should only be done when you're forced to
> by the need to override an existing binary in the archive, and that's
> not the case for the majority (> 70% in fact) of source packages WRT
> hurd-i386.

Correct.  That's why the autobuilder hasn't been running - we want to
reduce the number of binNMU uploads - Talking to other porters, it
sounds like binNMUs can cause subtle dependancy problems anyway.

Jeff Bailey

Tofu - The other white meat.

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