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Re: Packages needing to be tested

Cord Beermann <debian@cord.de> writes:

> jove's last Upstream-version is dated 1994 or 95.
> the Maintainer (Loic Prylli) hasn't moved sind 1998. (see also mailx)
> the Package isn't orphaned or something, else i would apply
> as New Maintainer to take it over, as i like that editor very
> much.

Perhaps you should apply anyway - you should be able to do NMUs at
least if the Maintainer is inresponsive. Plus you could do porter-NMUs
for the Hurd.

> Ob-Hurd: it would be nice if your list could be enhanced, so that
> the reports about compiling (or not) with the changes could be
> documented. (this also avoids double work.)

Yeah, additional information (version x compiles cleanly; patch from
bug #32345 needed; not useful for Hurd; etc.) would be fine.

ATM, your best bet is to check out the bugs of a package. Porting
changes should end up in the BTS, ideally under a heading that
contains "Hurd" somewhere...


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