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Re: Packages needing to be tested

Hallo! Du (Neal H Walfield) hast geschrieben:

>So, take a look and try to give one build:
># apt-get source --compile package

if i understand correctly: Marcus has pulled the hacked apt for
the hurd from the archives, so we have to convert back to the old
ftp-method... :-/ (no offense)

>Many should work out of the box.  Many will have MAXPATHLEN problems.
>There may be others.

ok. as i said before:

* slocate 
compiles without any problem, but it wants /etc/mtab. i changed
that to /etc/fstab and as far as i can see it works...

* jove
compiles and works fine after changing 
open(.*, 0) --> open(.*, O_RDONLY)
open(.*, 1) --> open(.*, O_WRONLY)
open(.*, 2) --> open(.*, O_RDWR)

there are about 10 occurences, where this has to be done.

i've copied the patched source to my linux box, and compiled it
there again, and it works (actually i'm just writing this mail
with it)... so the patch shouldn't be harmful...

what is the procedure if we want to make a Package also working
for hurd? simply filing a bug with the patch, or what?

echo 'kfabj?%abgerrf?%fabjsynxrf?1000?%fp?lryybj?&'|
tr '?n-z-Z&a-m!A-M^%' ' a-m~A-M.n-z<N-Z@-'|
$(echo 'Plattfisch'|tr -d 'Packetlift')&&echo D$(echo Leitplanke|
sed -e 's/.\{6\}//')||echo 'oops.'

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