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Re: Packages needing to be tested

Hallo! Du (Neal H Walfield) hast geschrieben:

>> * slocate 
>> compiles without any problem, but it wants /etc/mtab. i changed
>> that to /etc/fstab and as far as i can see it works...

>If you are feeling inspired, you could write an mtab translator.
>This should not be hard to write, the question is what to include in mtab.
>My feelings on this are any file filesystem in /etc/fstab that is mounted
>should be listed (either started or not), however, what is involved in
>determining what is mounted is another can of worms (think cdrom, etc.).

i don'z think that i'm inspired for this. as seen in the
discussion it isn't clear what /etc/mtab should do, or not.
however: i'm very new to the Hurd and don't have an idea how to
build such a translator...

>> * jove
>> compiles and works fine after changing 

>File a bug against jove with the patch both Upstream and in the
>Debian BTS.  

filed the bug (#79015)

>Then, the bugs are fixed in a new release and the Debian
>Maintainer is inspired to package it.

*harhar* :-)

jove's last Upstream-version is dated 1994 or 95.

the Maintainer (Loic Prylli) hasn't moved sind 1998. (see also mailx)

the Package isn't orphaned or something, else i would apply
as New Maintainer to take it over, as i like that editor very

Ob-Hurd: it would be nice if your list could be enhanced, so that
the reports about compiling (or not) with the changes could be
documented. (this also avoids double work.)


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