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planning to port perl, plip, ppp

During the next two months, I expect to spend several weeks installing
and developing for the Hurd more-or-less full-time.  I've been
preparing by...

   1. getting used to Debian with Linux

   2. reading _Programming under Mach_

   3. following the mailing lists and reading the FAQ.

Projects which particularly interest me are:

   1. Make Perl use Hurd's threads if it doesn't already, and write
      Perl modules for doing IPC, VM, etc.

   2. See if the Linux 2.0.36 PLIP and PPP drivers work, and make them
      work if they don't.

   3. If there's time, look into Linux Glibc bincompat issues.

Although I probably won't start installing the Hurd for at least
another week or two, I welcome suggestions about what to read and
think about in the meantime.


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