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Re: cross-dpkg problems

   From: Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@trick.fig.org>
   Date: 06 Nov 1998 12:20:15 -0600

   Basically, dpkg is not suitable for cross-platform installations,
   because the --instroot option uses the chroot call, which breaks all
   the installation scripts (i.e. they see only Hurd binaries, rather
   than the current system's).  There's no easy solution to this problem,
   aside from running dpkg under the Hurd.

Oh, cool.  That means that when running dpkg on the Hurd we'll be able
to see if there are any bugs in the Hurd's chroot.  You never know...

Incidentally, chroot in the Hurd does not persist through setuid
exec--if you are chrooted, and you exec a setuid program, then the
setuid program gets the global root, not the chrooted root.  I hope
this doesn't affect dpkg...

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