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Helping out with debian/hurd


I'm not a programmer, nor am I wealthy, but this
Debian/Hurd thing has got my attention and I'd like
to help out a bit.

Tell me where to send the money and I'll get a check
in the mail. (Yes, I'm also a bit lazy this morning.
I'm sure the answer is somewhere in the web pages.
Your address just came up first.)

If you can think of any other peculiar niche where you
may need some other help, feel free to ask.


Tim Moran

A bit about me, if you care:
I've been using Linux for a few years now. Switched to
Debian just a couple months ago, and I can only describe
it as love.

Returned to college this semester. Hoping to get a job
working with really big computer networks. Finishing up
a presentation on VMS clusters this weekend--every home
should have one.

The thing I hate most about college is that it has pretty
much forced me to create a Windows partition. I got really
sick of hanging out in the computers labs and/or converting
all my documents to Word/Excel format. I went from using
a Mac straight into a cutting edge 33 MHz 486 running Linux.
This Windows stuff is really weird. I never had anything against
Microsoft until I had to use it myself.

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