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Re: Helping out with debian/hurd

Tim Moran <tmoran@gbonline.com> wrote:
> The thing I hate most about college is that it has pretty
> much forced me to create a Windows partition. I got really
> sick of hanging out in the computers labs and/or converting
> all my documents to Word/Excel format. I went from using
> a Mac straight into a cutting edge 33 MHz 486 running Linux.
> This Windows stuff is really weird. I never had anything against
> Microsoft until I had to use it myself.

Brother, I am with you.  :)

Unfortunately, I think "college" generally means *protection* from
Windoze that's absent in the "real world".  I came to Linux from a
Windows background (before Win95 - double yuck) and have not managed
to completely shake it for diverse reasons:

  1. Cable modem company requires it for their installation skit

  2. Digital camera provides no Linux driver (I have asked about one)

  3. At work, I have found no equivalent to MS Access for conveniently
     viewing and editing relational database contents.

Vive le Hurd!  Vive la FSF!

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