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Re: Helping out with debian/hurd

On Sat, Nov 07, 1998 at 09:21:53AM -0800, Tim Moran wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm not a programmer, nor am I wealthy, but this
> Debian/Hurd thing has got my attention and I'd like
> to help out a bit.
> Tell me where to send the money and I'll get a check
> in the mail. (Yes, I'm also a bit lazy this morning.
> I'm sure the answer is somewhere in the web pages.
> Your address just came up first.)

Hello Tim!

Many thanks for your offer.

Debian/Hurd is part of the Debian project. We try to port the Linux Debian
to the Hurd kernel of the GNU project. So there are two locations where you
can sent your money:

a) Debian (http://www.debian.org).
   We are a group of ~400 volunteers who port and package software
   to build a free operating system. Our mother organization is SPI
   (Software in the Public Interest), which was created to manage our money and
   other official things. Please visit http://www.debian.org/donations
   and http://www.spi-inc.org/donations. Make sure you mark the money for
   use by Debian.
   We are a non-profit organizations under the laws of New York State.
   Depending on where your live, your donation is tax-deductible.

Excerpt from the web page:
   To make a donation to make a check or money order out to:

   Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

   and mail it to:

    Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
    PO Box 1326
    Boston, MA 02117

   To make an electronic transfer (this will work for non-US too), you need
   to give your bank the routing number and account number as follows:

   The SPI bank account is at American Express Centurion Bank.

   Routing Number: 124071889
   Account Number: 1296789

   Let the SPI Treasurer know if you have problems with this. When you have
   completed the electronic wire, please send a copy of the receipt to the
   above address so there is a copy of your donation. The copy you send to
   the treasurer is important. <treasurer@spi-inc.org>

   (Note that you can alos donate services and equipment, for example if you
    are connected to the internet).

b) As you wrote this to the Debian _Hurd_ project, you may want to donate
   money to the FSF (Free Software Foundation), too. They are covering the
   GNU project, which the Hurd is part of. From their web page

   To donate to the FSF, simply mail a check to:

     Free Software Foundation
     59 Temple Place - Suite 330
     Boston, MA 02111

  We will send you back a receipt which you can use to show that you are
  entitled to a tax deduction on United States income taxes.

> If you can think of any other peculiar niche where you
> may need some other help, feel free to ask.

Both organizations, SPI and GNU, serve free software in an excellent way.
Both are sponsoring third party projects from time to time.

It is really tempting to send you my personal bank account number, though :)

Thank you very much,

"Rhubarb is no Egyptian god."        Debian GNU/Linux        finger brinkmd@ 
Marcus Brinkmann                   http://www.debian.org    master.debian.org
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