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Re: Report: success with debian 8.0 on C8000 via a console installation

On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 8:36 PM, Dmitry the Zuryanovich
<dreadbit@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
>>> If anyone interested (and if the installation finishs fine in a hour
>>> or so) I can post dmesg/lspci/whatever tomorrow.
>> Yes, ok.
> B180 console log with lspci:
> http://pastebin.com/QvaWTggT

Dmitry, thanks!
That's awesome to see!

You'll be amused to know I used a B180 running parisc-linux (not
nearly as stable as it is today) as my desktop/workstations in 2000 or
2001 (until I was able to scrounge a C3000).

> The installation finished fine, but when lightDM started in 8 bit depth
> display I saw it in a surprising  new colors - black on black. Since I
> guessed what it wants from me I entered username and password semi-blindly
> and I've got a desktop background and then a hang. Even no response to ping,
> so that needs some future investigations.

Check "SER PIM" (IIRC) output for crashes and/or force an HPMC to
collect CPU state. The stack trace from that should give good clues
were the hang is. (And sorry, I'm forgetting if B180 has an HPMC
button on the back or not)

You can also check the "LED Error Codes" as described in:

Note that's for HPUX in some cases: we tried to follow some of the
same codes for parisc-linux but PDC will still set the LEDs when CPU
control is "handed" to PDC (ie HPMC or panic).

> BTW, my personal user experience is quite strange - it tells me that my Sun
> Blade 150 @650 /1G mem running Solaris 10 /13 is not far slower then C8000
> (2*2*1100Mhz, 32G) on everyday tasks - browsing mostly.  May be because I
> tuned this Sun for my needs for a long time (I use it as everyday home
> computer), and C8000 is a system I own for a week with the OS installed two
> days before, and may be because Solaris uses old sysV ;-)

Helge is right. I don't think sysv init has anything to do with web
browsing performance. The C8000 probably is using frame buffer for
graphics and no acceleration. I have no idea if the Sun Blade 150 is
using HW accelaration. "glxinfo" or other commands should be able to
tell you.

In general, for computation intensive (e.g. SpecFP or SpecInt or
kernel compile), I would expect the C8000 to be at least 2x faster.


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