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Re: Report: success with debian 8.0 on C8000 via a console installation

Hi Dmitry,

On 18.03.2015 22:24, Dmitry the Zuryanovich wrote:
The B180 and A500 should work without any issues as well.
If you want to give it a try though, it would be nice.

Currently it is installing on B180 (384M, SCSI, internal SCSI CD,
network connected) - and again - nothing to report: it just installs
(with internal video and keyboard) [also I have A4070 card, but could
not get any output out of it nor from PDC, not from 11.11i, even it
always get detected and seen by the system - will try it too].

If anyone interested (and if the installation finishs fine in a hour
or so) I can post dmesg/lspci/whatever tomorrow.

Yes, ok.

Regarding the E25 I would be very interested.

That will be next thing I'll try and will surely brag about results.


The latest thing I've tried at C8000 was a kernel recompile: I
installed hppa64 toolchain, some recent stable kernel from
kernel.org, copied the C8000 .config, make menuconfig, told that I
want 'new' SATA/IDE libata to build statically, as well ext2/ext4,
excluded old IDE, and attempted to boot it without creating initrd,
and expected it to boot. It linked but failed to boot [I have to
attach serial console to see what really happens] - the question is -
is that a right [or, saying, a possible] direction of making custom
kernel to work on hppa or I have to deal with initrd?

I used the C8000 .config which comes with the kernel, but it may lack
e.g. namespace support built-in which is required for systemd (which is
installed by the debian installer by default).
For kernel development I therefore used to go back to sysvinit instead.
For the C8000 ATI DRM drivers needs to be built-in (or use serial), same
for keyboard (HID & USB) support.
Again, with systemd it is probably tricky (if possible at all) without an initrd.


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