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Re: Report: success with debian 8.0 on C8000 via a console installation

Hi Dmitry,

On 19.03.2015 20:36, Dmitry the Zuryanovich wrote:
If anyone interested (and if the installation finishs fine in a hour
or so) I can post dmesg/lspci/whatever tomorrow.

Yes, ok.
B180 console log with lspci:


Looks good.
It has two graphic cards installed:
[   12.860000]     graphics card name: HPA4070B_LZ
[   13.148000]     graphics card name: INTERNAL_EG_1280
[   13.824000] fb0: stifb 1280x1024-8 frame buffer device, HPA4070B_LZ, id: 2bcb015a, mmio: 0xf4100000
[   13.940000] fb1: stifb 1280x1024-8 frame buffer device, INTERNAL_EG_1280, id: 2d08c0a7, mmio: 0xf8100000

The installation finished fine, but when lightDM started in 8 bit
depth display I saw it in a surprising new colors - black on black.
Since I guessed what it wants from me I entered username and password
semi-blindly and I've got a desktop background and then a hang. Even
no response to ping, so that needs some future investigations.

Yes, if you find something it would be interesting.
Do you know if the internal or HPA graphic card is used? I assume the first one (HPA4070B).
Maybe the problem is, that it's 8bit only and lightdm has a problem with it?

I used the C8000 .config which comes with the kernel, but it may lack
e.g. namespace support built-in which is required for systemd (which is
installed by the debian installer by default).
For kernel development I therefore used to go back to sysvinit instead.

Is there a good howto how to get rid of this sh... sh... shiny
brand-new init system back to 40-years old sysV init?

I think running
	apt-get install sysvinit-core
should install sysvinit again as default.

Furthermore, I think systemd will not work without initrd, because the
initrd pre-mounts/initializes the namespace support which is required for systemd.

For the C8000 ATI DRM drivers needs to be built-in (or use serial), same
for keyboard (HID & USB) support.
Again, with systemd it is probably tricky (if possible at all) without an initrd.

So I made 'make install', got some initrd and fed it to kernel
(double-checked that kernel and initrd are both just-compiled), and
here is what I got. The only thing I understand that it complains about memory manager, but nothing more.
Could you please translate that from kernel to a human language?

WARNING: at mm/slab.c:2536
It's a known issue.
Just turn off CONFIG_SLAB in your .config file and enable CONFIG_SLUB=y instead.
CONFIG_SLAB is known to not work on parisc yet - I haven't looked into why yet...

BTW, my personal user experience is quite strange - it tells me that
my Sun Blade 150 @650 /1G mem running Solaris 10 /13 is not far
slower then C8000 (2*2*1100Mhz, 32G) on everyday tasks - browsing

If you browse with X-Windows, I'm sure that the non-accelerated
graphics in your C8000 is the reason why it feels so much slower.
And, are you using the same desktop environments? E.g. KDE is probably
way slower on parisc than gnome.

 May be because I tuned this Sun for my needs for a long time
(I use it as everyday home computer), and C8000 is a system I own for
a week with the OS installed two days before, and may be because
Solaris uses old sysV ;-)


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