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Re: Report: success with debian 8.0 on C8000 via a console installation

Hi All,

If anyone interested (and if the installation finishs fine in a hour
or so) I can post dmesg/lspci/whatever tomorrow.

Yes, ok.
B180 console log with lspci:


The installation finished fine, but when lightDM started in 8 bit depth display I saw it in a surprising new colors - black on black. Since I guessed what it wants from me I entered username and password semi-blindly and I've got a desktop background and then a hang. Even no response to ping, so that needs some future investigations.

I used the C8000 .config which comes with the kernel, but it may lack
e.g. namespace support built-in which is required for systemd (which is
installed by the debian installer by default).
For kernel development I therefore used to go back to sysvinit instead.

Is there a good howto how to get rid of this sh... sh... shiny brand-new init system back to 40-years old sysV init?

For the C8000 ATI DRM drivers needs to be built-in (or use serial), same
for keyboard (HID & USB) support.
Again, with systemd it is probably tricky (if possible at all) without an initrd.

So I made 'make install', got some initrd and fed it to kernel (double-checked that kernel and initrd are both just-compiled), and
here is what I got. The only thing I understand that it complains about memory manager, but nothing more.
Could you please translate that from kernel to a human language?

BTW, my personal user experience is quite strange - it tells me that my Sun Blade 150 @650 /1G mem running Solaris 10 /13 is not far slower then C8000 (2*2*1100Mhz, 32G) on everyday tasks - browsing mostly. May be because I tuned this Sun for my needs for a long time (I use it as everyday home computer), and C8000 is a system I own for a week with the OS installed two days before, and may be because Solaris uses old sysV ;-)

A Cheap holiday in other peoples misery! I don't wanna holiday in the SUN Sparc Blade 150!

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