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scsi problem on a scorpio (715)

Now that my 712 runs happily (Thanks again), I'm giving a chance to my 715 (no more parisc systems after that :-) ).

(This post is a kind of follow up to a thread I have seen on the parisc-linux archive. Feel free to comment where/how I should post)

It has 2 disks (Quantum 525 MB & Seagate 525 MB) and the installation crashes, while formating, if I try to install on both drives, or try to do something with the Quantum drive. Debian is installed on the Seagate drive and I would like to use both drives.

"Reduce Tag queue depth or disable Write Cache"... Hum, so my problem has a name and a solution. OK, so:

How do I disable write cache?

I downloaded scsitools and sg3-utils, I can see that write cache is enabled (sg -a /dev/sdx). How do I disable that? (By the way, disabling write cache is better for "correctness", but I read somewhere that it may reduce the (somewhat long now) drive life).

How do I reduce "Tag queue depth", i.e. recompile the 53c700 driver?
Do I have to:
- download kernel sources
- change #define NCR_700_MAX_TAGS in drivers/scsi/53c700.h
- then "simply" (well, I never did that) recompile and install the new kernel?

Thanks for your help.


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