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Re: Hardware not detected (9000/801/D200)

>>>>> "Grant" == Grant Grundler <grundler@dsl2.external.hp.com> writes:

Grant> For some reason I'm thinking the Olivetti M710 (aka KPW4010,
Grant> MIPs R4000) also only had EISA slots/devices. It predates the
Grant> Alpha Jensen by about one year. I think Thomas Boegendorfer
Grant> (mips/parisc-linux contributor) has such a system and someone I
Grant> know locally has one too (may just be collecting dust). Looking
Grant> at the mips port might also prove useful for seperating EISA
Grant> support.

Indeed. On the Mips side, I have an SGI Indigo-2 for which I have
half-written EISA support. The EISA bus is beside the GIO bus (there
is no direct link between the two of them (except for the EUI which
hads some horror to the convoluted IP22 IRQ scheme).

Places change, faces change. Life is so very strange.

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