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Re: Hardware not detected (9000/801/D200)

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 09:31:56AM +0100, Frank.Ickstadt@btignite.de wrote:
> I've got a old D200 Server with two external SCSI disks. These disks (ST32171N) are not detected during installation.
> Are there any hints ?

I'm afraid you're out of luck for the moment.  These discs are attached to
an EISA scsi card and we don't currently have support for that.  I don't
believe anyone's currently working on getting these cards supported,
but we do have some available so I suspect someone will work on this at
some point.

> ba          1  20          bus_adapter CLAIMED   BUS_NEXUS Core I/O Adapter
> tty         1  20/2        asio0       CLAIMED   INTERFACE Built-in RS-232C
> ba          2  20/5        eisa        CLAIMED   BUS_NEXUS EISA Bus Adapter
> ext_bus     2  20/5/1      c720        CLAIMED   INTERFACE EISA card HWP0C80
> target      5  20/5/1.5    tgt         CLAIMED   DEVICE
> disk        3  20/5/1.5.0  sdisk       CLAIMED   DEVICE    SEAGATE ST32171N
> target      6  20/5/1.6    tgt         CLAIMED   DEVICE
> disk        4  20/5/1.6.0  sdisk       CLAIMED   DEVICE    SEAGATE ST32171N
> target      7  20/5/1.7    tgt         CLAIMED   DEVICE
> ctl         1  20/5/1.7.0  sctl        CLAIMED   DEVICE    Initiator

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