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Re: Hardware not detected (9000/801/D200)

>>>>> "James" == James Bottomley <James.Bottomley@steeleye.com> writes:

James> I'll look forward to that.  The EISA device model needs beefing
James> up, and PA-RISC might be the place to do it (it doesn't really
James> have a clearly defined separation between the OS dependent and
James> independent pieces yet).


Currently, the EISA uses a 'virtual' root, instead of hanging off it's
real parent device (Wax for HPPA, 82375EB for most PCI based
Intel/Alpha systems). In fact, we should never have a virtual root for
EISA, except when this is the *only* bus (I just got my hands on such
a beast, an Alpha Jensen...).

I've started poking at the PCI side of the problem, and ran into
ordering problems (EISA was initialized before PCI, bad...).

I'll look at it during the week-end...

Places change, faces change. Life is so very strange.

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