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Re: hppa on a 742

Martin.Tuerk@alcan.com wrote:
> I tried to boot the 742 diskless. It only recognizes rboot protocol, so I
> set up the 715 running HP-UX as the server. Now I'm really confused how the
> boot sequence runs.

HP-UX works as the rboot/bootp server.

> I found a lifimage on the debian server which brings the system up, asking
> install questions from a menu, but i did not succed to mount the nfs root
> file system, no error message either.

HP-UX does NOT work as an NFS server for *root* file sytems.
/dev nodes are built for HPUX when unpacked and the bit layout
is different for linux. So linux can't do anything with /dev nodes
it gets from the HPUX server.

And /etc/exports is intepreted differently than for linux:
	/tftpboot/aachen        async,root=

(this is an entry I once upon a time used inside HP)

> Can anybody brief me how to boot a proper diskless system?

My advice is the use another (x86 or parisc) linux box for NFS root.
I would expect the regular debian docs cover this.


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