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Re: hppa on a 742

On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 10:47:04AM +0200, Martin.Tuerk@alcan.com wrote:
> Well I have a 742 here trying to get linux running on it.

OK.  The 742 is basically the VME version of the 715/Scorpio,
725/Spectra which are, or should be, minimally supported.  So in theory,
it should work.  In practice, there may well be glitches like the ones
you describe below.

> I tried to boot the 742 diskless. It only recognizes rboot protocol, so I
> set up the 715 running HP-UX
> as the server.

There's an rboot daemon available for Linux; if you run Debian, just apt-get
install it; if not there's one on the puffin.external.hp.com site somewhere.

> Now I'm really confused how the boot sequence runs.
> I found a lifimage on the debian server which brings the system up, asking
> install questions from a menu,
> but i did not succed to mount the nfs root file system, no error message
> either.
> Can anybody brief me how to boot a proper diskless system?
> and how rboot, bootp and dhcp need to work together to do so?

I just booted a couple of 715s from an rboot server...

First of all, you need to specify the machine in the /etc/rbootd.conf file.
Looks like you have this working already, but here it is:

08:00:09:35:21:18       guernsey

Then you need to set up bootp/dhcp.  The dhcpd is capable of serving both;
I use bootp.  Here's the stanza I used for this machine in /etc/dhcpd.conf:

host guernsey {
        # 715/50
        hardware ethernet 08:00:09:35:21:18;

Finally, set up NFS.  My /etc/exports looks like this:


Now my machine attempts to mount /tftpboot/, so I have to
create a directory hierarchy there.

Tell all the daemons to reload their configuration files, and you should
be set.

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