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Re: hppa on a 742

On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 08:06:50PM +0200, Martin.Tuerk@alcan.com wrote:
> Did that, what I'm missing here is where do you tell the diskless machine
> that it needs to boot a kernel from a network server?

At the PDC prompt, you need to hit escape to abort the autoboot and then
get to the BOOT_ADMIN prompt.  From there you can set the default path.

> is the structure /tftpboot/IP-Adress default?


> If I recall right from the time I used to run a HP cluster the rbootd only
> transmits lif files, right?

That's all we use the protocol for; after the kernel is loaded we completely
ignore rbootd.

> Do the ones I have downloaded include the kernel? Or just the primary boot
> loader?

I don't know what you've downloaded... when I compile a kernel using `make palo', the makefile wraps the vmlinux in a lifimage.

> Is there a way to build the lif files? A lifls on HP-UX gives an error
> message,
> saying the the file isn't a lif file.

Maybe you have a raw vmlinux instead of one encapsulated in a lifimage?

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