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hppa on a 742

Hello everyone,

I know this is probably not supported and wont be in the future anyways,

Well I have a 742 here trying to get linux running on it.

I installed the iso image 0.9-32serial on a 1GB disk and the system is
booting, if the
filesystem is checked. (I can check it mounting the disk on a 715 running
the same system)
But there seems to be a problem with the scsi driver, the system crashes if
the scsi system
needs to be resettet.

So question one:

is there a kernel with a scsi subsystem that fixes that one?

Question two,

I tried to boot the 742 diskless. It only recognizes rboot protocol, so I
set up the 715 running HP-UX
as the server. Now I'm really confused how the boot sequence runs.
I found a lifimage on the debian server which brings the system up, asking
install questions from a menu,
but i did not succed to mount the nfs root file system, no error message

Can anybody brief me how to boot a proper diskless system?

and how rboot, bootp and dhcp need to work together to do so?



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