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Re: Bug#743191: left to do/fix: mail, cabal not found, irc notifications and testing on more distros?


On Dienstag, 15. April 2014, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> The problem seems to be that
>       - shell: '/srv/jenkins/bin/chroot-run.sh {my_distro} {my_shell}'
> does not escape my_shell.

oh, wow. I do think it does... but
> Can you pull and retry?

yes, sure!

I dont understand why you switched back to sid, though, saying: " I just 
remembered that it also calls "grep-aptavail", which uses the system sources."

(And really if you want two jobs, one for sid and one for jessie... fine!)

> BTW, are you intentionally rebasing the patches from my branch, instead
> of just merging it?

yes, when I think of it... (and when I take them all... else I'd cherry-pick.)

> Well, it’s state can also change due to uploads to unstable, so actually
> running it after dinstall runs would be optimal? Otherwise maybe
> daily...?

sure, please gimme a pull request :)

> PS (curiosity): It seems that it bootstraps the chroot on every run,
> which seems to be excessive. Is there a reason why you don’t run these
> jobs in a already bootstrapped chroot, using some kind of overlay fs?
> I’d expect that to be much faster.

oh, me too. It just needs someone to write the code, thats all... (and yes, 
that shouldnt be too hard neither... ;-)


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