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Re: ITP: haskell-dbus -- Haskell bindings for D-Bus API

Hi Rafael,

Am Freitag, den 31.12.2010, 02:07 -0200 schrieb Rafael Cunha de Almeida:
> Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva <marcot@debian.org> disse:
> > Excerpts from Rafael Cunha de Almeida's message of Qui Dez 30 20:32:03 -0200 2010:
> >> Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva <marcot@debian.org> disse:
> I mean the daemon; without dbus daemon running, the library functions
> are not really useful. What the library does is to use the daemon to
> mediate interprocess communication. That is the reason libdbus-1-3
> recommends dbus, I think.

I would argue against recommending dbus from the -dev package. The -dev
package is used to compile binaries (and you don’t need dbus for that).
If someone packages a haskell program built with haskell-dbus, then that
package should Recommend (or Depend on) dbus. And developers do not need
to be told.

But this is really a minor and cosmetic issue.

About the -prof package: I see it as „part of the -dev package that you
can leave out to save space“, and I think it should have, as a general
rule of thumb, no packaging logic by itself besides depending on the
-dev package and other -prof packages. Having other recommends or
depends in both -dev and -prof just duplicates the packaging logic and
might cause mistakes when one changes them in -dev only later.

Note that, for example, the -doc package is only suggested from -dev.


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