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ITP: haskell-dbus -- Haskell bindings for D-Bus API

Hello haskell people,

I needed this package for setting up xmonad with xmonad-log-panel.
Unfortunately, I didn't find it on debian. I've heard from other people
in #haskell @ freenode.com that they too needed the package for one
reason or another. So I wrote this ITP:


I have done the packaging, now I need to be added to dhg so I can

	darcs put darcs.debian.org:/darcs/pkg-haskell/haskell-dbus

in order for you to review and upload it. I created an account at
alioth, my login is almeida-guest.

In retrospect I should have CCed to this list when I posted the ITP. So
I'm CCing the bug here.

BTW, I'm currently maintaining one package, if that's at all relevant:



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