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Re: some haskell packaging questions


Am Dienstag, den 21.12.2010, 13:45 -0500 schrieb R. Andrew Bailey:
> thanks!
>   one more little question- I notice that the newer packages have the
>   initial changelog entry set to "unstable", so I'm assuming its ok to
>   just manually edit the release field for my entry in the changelog,
>   rather than adding another changelog entry, right?

yes, a change to the changelog does not deserve a changelog entry :-)

>   Also, should I make a reference to the ITP bug I created for this
>   package, or should I wait until the real status of that bug changes
>   before twiddling it?

Please do refere it by appending (Closes: #nnnnnn) to the message. This
makes sure the bug is automatically closed.

Feel free to use "tagpending" from devscripts once a Closes: with a bug
number is pushed to the Darcs repository.


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