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Re: some haskell packaging questions

On 19/12/10 10:07 -0600, Joachim Breitner wrote:
Hi Andrew,

Am Samstag, den 18.12.2010, 16:50 -0500 schrieb R. Andrew Bailey:
  First I wanted to thank you for your help on the haskell-devel
  list. I've been using Linux forever, and about a year ago I became
  interested in contributing to a distribution. I essentially went
  through distributions in a random order, using them until I found a
  package that I needed, and then going through the process of creating
  and submitting that package. As a professional software engineer, I
  was shocked and disappointed at how lousy the attitudes on mailing
  lists, forums, and chat channels have been in most of the other
  distributions I tried. Debian has been a big exception, the docs are
  great and folks like the ones on the DHG mailing list have been so
  constructive and helpful that it makes me feel like I've found the
  right project to spend my time on. So thanks for that.

You are welcome! But why don’t you write that only personally to me: The
lists becomes even more friendly if the others hear that as well :-)

Generally, all questions (even simple ones, there are no “stupid”
questions) should go over the mailing list, so that others benefit as

Feel free to reply this mail to the list with full quote, then other can
follow the discussion.

And note that some Debian lists (especially the general ones) tend to
become rough and flamewar-ridden from time to time, so we are no
exception with that respect.

will do :)

  On to the question-

  I've change debian/control's Source entry to "haskell-hinotify", and
  adjusted the name of the upstream tarball to
  haskell-hinotify_0.3.1.orig.tar.gz. I'm assuming that changing the
  orig tarball to unpack into "haskell-hinotify-0.3.1" instead of
  "hinotify-0.3.1" is not required, since it'd alter the checksum of
  the tarball- am I correct?

Yes. The top level directory name of the upstream tarball is irrelevant,
dpkg-source takes care of that.

  So in general for haskell packages I just need to:

   fetch the original distribution
   rename the dist tarball with the haskell- prefix
   set Source to haskell-<package name> and use the libghc6 prefix for
   the dev,prof, and doc packages


Right. Although for the last step, you just take the template files in
our darcs repository and adjust the names.

Don’t forget the copyright file, which is important to Debian.

Ok- I think the copyright file is correct- I based mine off the other
package I was using as a template, updated for the license, upstream
owner etc.

  If that's the case, I think my version on github is ready to go- I'm
  guessing once my membership request for pkg-haskell on Alioth is
  accepted, I'll be able to upload the source there?

You still need to tell us your user name on alioth, and then follow the
steps on http://wiki.debian.org/Haskell/CollabMaint/DarcsBasic

 Sure thing- I'm "bailey-guest" on Alioth.

 Thanks again all!



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