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Re: Git? (Was: Team maint update)

John Goerzen wrote:

> Just as a related data point on how small git repos are...

I'm sure they are but ...
> My Debian convertible repo's .git is 136K.

I have 31 Hackage packages in my Bzr repo and the actual data stored
in the repo (ie minus Bzr metadata) for all 31 packages is 746k.

The biggest single package I have is the 1.19.7 verison of HaXml
which is 60k.

> Each revision of conertible added just over 1K to the pristine-tar
> branch.  So we're talking really small numbers here.  This is why I say
> git is really efficient on disk.

Down here in Australia with our etxrrodinarily crapping internet
connection costs and speed, we are a little sensitive to issues
like repo size :-).

However, it does look like git will fit the task.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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