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Re: Quick idea: VCS for cabal-debian → official-debian modifications

On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 08:26:40AM -0500, Jeremy Shaw wrote:
>> What about, for example, when the Debian maintainer has carefully
>> prepared an accurate debian/copyright, but upstream has changed the
>> value of LICENSE?
> Do you mean the License field in the .cabal file?

I actually meant a file ./LICENSE in the root of the upstream tarball.
In one package I used cabal-debian on, it merely contains "BSD\n", and
that's what debian/copyright was created containing.  I assumed
cabal-debian copied one to the other, but I guess it could be that the
License field was used.  In another package I tested, debian/copyright
contained a license (but no declaration), so I assumed it came from

(I was particularly annoyed with upstream because "BSD" is neither a
license declaration, nor a license, nor even an unambiguous reference
to a license -- *which* BSD license was meant? -- and none of the
source code files contained any license declaration either.  But
that's no cabal-debian's fault.)

> I believe that --update-debianization only generates control.new and
> changelog.new, and then you get to do the rest by hand right now.

OK, that sounds like a reasonable approach to me.

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