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Re: Quick idea: VCS for cabal-debian → official-debian modifications

At Fri, 17 Apr 2009 18:27:22 +1000,
Trent W. Buck wrote:

> What about, for example, when the Debian maintainer has carefully
> prepared an accurate debian/copyright, but upstream has changed the
> value of LICENSE?  

Do you mean the License field in the .cabal file? In that case the
update should issue a warning. For each field in the debian/control we
need to analyze what happens in the cases where:

 A == B == C
 A == B /= C
 A /= B == C
 A /= B /= C
 A == C /= B

In some cases we can merge things automatically, in some cases the
best we can do is message the maintainer. Though, in all cases, except
probably A==B==C, we should message the maintainer clearly so they
know exactly what they need to double-check or do by hand.

For some fields we may need to check information outside the .cabal
file. For example, for License-File, we should probably check if the
contents of the license file have changed, so that the appropriate
updates to debian/copyright can be made as well.

> Will cabal-debian --update-debianization leave the debian/copyright
> file alone? For things like .postinst or .install, I assume
> cabal-debian --update-debianization will just leave alone whatever
> it finds there.

I believe that --update-debianization only generates control.new and
changelog.new, and then you get to do the rest by hand right now. So
right now, copyright, .postint, etc, will not be touched. In fact,
nothing is actually touched, only new files added.

- jeremy

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