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Quick idea: VCS for cabal-debian → official-debian modifications


an idea just crossed my mind. I hope it doesn’t sound too confused :-)

Shouldn’t it be possible to use have a workflow like this:
(replace branch by repository if you want to use darcs)

 * One a branch for upstream releases
 * Forking off this branch for each version, to store the result of 
   running cabal-debian
 * Another branch for the official Debian source package

Then, when a new version is to be packaged, you import it into your VCS,
create the cabal-debian fork, and merge it into the Debian branch,
applying all the changes that you need to had to make to get the package
in a fit-for-Debian shape.

Of course, this would be even better with a small script to automate
these steps.

And effectively, if people prefer no VCS, it’s close to keeping your
changes after cabal-debianization in the form of a diff.

I didn’t actually check the output of cabal-debian, but it might need
some minor tweaks (such as outputting the auto-generated
build-dependencies on a different physical line of the Depends: field)
to reduce the risk of merge conflicts.


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