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Re: [Debian-haskell] Activity?

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> John Goerzen wrote:
>> I'm confused.  Both ByteString and Cabal have been in Debian for ages.
>> Can you be more specific about what version of Debian you're using and
>> what you're missing?
> Debian Lenny.
> The following two commands:
>    apt-file search bin/cabal
>    apt-file search byestring
> both return nothing.

That's because you're searching for the wrong thing in the former case.

First off, Cabal is a packaging system and library, not a command.  Most
programs that use it ship a file called Setup.hs or Setup.lhs that you
compile using ghc, or run with runghc.

I had not heard of apt-file before; thanks.

dpkg -S ByteString  will give you what you want.  I don't know if
apt-file is trying to match the full filename, or maybe you have a very
old version of Debian.

For a more useful result, try ghc-pkg -l.  You'll see Cabal and
bytestring both listed there.

> Do I need a haskell specific entry in sources.list?


-- John

> Erik

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