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Re: Minimal Base Install.

Matt Brubeck wrote:

Weaver wrote:

Bug #241184 may be causing this problem ("gdm: List of Available
Sessions Lost on Upgrade"):
I'll keep this in mind, although it's a new install, not an upgrade.
But I think it's more likely that I have omitted something.

This bug affects all installations using the current version of gdm.
(The bug title says "upgrade" because the reporter started seeing the
bug only after installing the latest version.)

Which options are available from the GDM session menu, and which one did
you choose?

Yep, I omitted something.
I had been using aptitude for the initial application install, not calling up the aptitude interface, just using the terminal. When I did, I was shown this long list of broken packages and mandatory dependencies that needed to be installed, entailing a download time of over three hours on 56K dialup. I've got a working system now, with just two problems involved with locales and console-common that I think may be interrelated. Sorry for all the newbie noise. I think that Debian-user would be more appropriate now.
Thanks for all the help.


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