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Re: Week 8 hate

On Sam, 2003-02-22 at 13:37, Kai I Hendry wrote:
> Actions->Lock screen is not working.

Have you installed xscreensaver-gnome?

> Using Gnome Terminal. Why doesn't ALT+1 work in say IRSSI for choosing channels?

Because Gnome Terminal uses alt for tab shortcuts by default. Change the
keybindings if you don't like that.

> How do I reset something to it's defaults? Say I select some dodgy font
> accidentally, and I forget which one was the default (in Gnome Terminal)?

Exit the app, delete the gconf key with gconf-editor and start it again

> When I click on a URL. Can I please open in a (background) tab in Mozilla? When I
> select urls, I think the default action is to spawn a new window.

There might be a gconf key for this.

> When I pop in a CD, no CD icon appears like in RH. Why not?

Maybe RH uses something like magicdev?

> In the metacity setup, why can't it figure out what Metacity it is using? It
> is quite ridiculous to ask me what Metacity version I am running. 

Indeed; hence my suspicion is that it's technically not possible for it
to tell on its own. metacity-setup isn't a part of GNOME anyway, nor is
it needed with GNOME 2.2.

> There is no immediate feedback that a double clicked icon in my desktop is
> launching. I double click say the mozilla icon. And I am sure it is loading,
> so I double click it again. See the problem?

I guess startup notification only works with apps that support it, e.g.
GNOME2 apps.

> Why is there a little bit of space left on the bottom of a maximized Gnome
> Terminal? Other apps maximize properly.

Because you wouldn't gain any actual terminal space if there wasn't?

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