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Workrave anyone?


I just had some email exchange with one of the upstream authors of
Workrave[1], a Gnome2-based tool that assists in recovery and
prevention of RSI.

There is an old RFP for Workrave in the Debian BTS, however, so far
nobody has bothered to package the programme.

Now, release 1.2 of Workrave is due in just a few weeks. The current
CVS version is very stable and mature, I use it every day.

It would be a pity if Workrave wasn't included into Debian.

The upstream source is already fairly well debianized. I don't have a
pbuilder here, so I cannot verify if it builds from source in a clean
environment. Maybe someone else on the list would like to do so.

Now, I asked the upstream author if it wasn't time to get Workrave
into Debian. He responded, he thinks that the policy doesn't permit
the upstream author and maintainer to be one and the same person. Is
this true? If yes, why?

If this is the case, would one of the fantastic Debian developers here
volunteer to maintain the package? If there is no such restriction,
then the upstream authors would still need a sponsor to get their
package into Debian.



[1]  http://workrave.sourceforge.net

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