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Re: GDM 2.4 in sid

I've seen activitiy on bugs since then (merging, etc.), but the fact that he hasn't released anything on gdm, even a bugfix, in over a year, doesn't really reflect strongly on his maintainership of the package. Hopefully Ryan will reply to me some day soon and we'll find out what he really wants to do with the package. Until then, it's not fun being left in the dark, and as others pointed out, being left with no feasible alternative - a package named gdm2 or gdm2.4 would be rejected by the ftpmasters (which is basically the case now, it's just sitting there in limbo, neither rejected nor accepted), hijacking the package is frowned upon because technically Ryan is still active. People using a bajillion different versions of gdm packages with nowhere to report bugs to is not a very good alternative either, but that's what is currently happening because most users are rather upset with the ancient gdm package in unstable at present.

Christian Marillat wrote:
To adopt a package the current maintainer must ask for it to be adopted.
Package takeover attempts usually require consensus on debian-devel with the
maintatiner MIA. Ryan is however not MIA. He *is* actively maintaining gdm,

Actively ? The last upload has been done the 4 Apr 2002. The BTS page
for gdm contains :

6  important bugs
31 normal bugs
2  minor bugs
17 whishlist bugs

The last change in the BTS has been done the 6 Apr 2002 for bug #141184
abd I don't see any reply to a bug since this date.

Then, tell me how you call that ?

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