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Re: How to compile GNOME 1.4 panel applets on Sid now?

Marek Habersack <grendel@debian.org> writes:


> What will a user told to install libpanel-applet-dev package do when they
> see that? They will go to install either of the packages mentioned above.
> But after doing so, they will discover that they still cannot compile their
> old application which requires the old gnome1 library (yes, I realize it's
> gone from Debian - but the user might not know that) and they will file a
> bug about it. If, OTOH, they install a dummy package, it is trivial to tell
> them that this is a dummy package and that they, alas, cannot compile
> anything that uses the package. I might be wrong, but I guess that would be
> a much more user friendly way of dealing with this situation. Even as to
> advice them to install the gnome2 devel metapackage which would conflict
> with anything devel from gnome1 and vacuum their system from the unsupported
> cruft that way.

OK, now I see the problem. I've removed the Replaces.


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