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Re: How to compile GNOME 1.4 panel applets on Sid now?

Marek Habersack <grendel@debian.org> writes:

> On Sun, Feb 02, 2003 at 11:05:02PM +0100, Christian Marillat scribbled:


> The new packages don't need to replaces to old one. API for these news
> packages is completely different and and GNOME 1.4 package will never
> compile with the GNOME 2 libapplet.

> Christian, I know that. Let me rephrase my question, I was probably not
> clear enough. Is there a viable reason for libpanel-applet0 to replace
> libpanel-applet-dev? The former does not provide the functionality of the

libpanel-applet0 contains only a "Replaces: libpanel-applet-dev (<= 1.3.1-1)"
because some files have been move from libpanel-applet0 to

> latter and it doesn't seem to be necessary to add the Replace:
> libpanel-applet-dev to its control file, since that creates a confusion as
> to the functionality provided by libpanel-applet0 and doesn't seem to be
> necessary to remove (as per policy quoted in the other mail) the
> libpanel-applet-dev package. In other words - wouldn't it be better if you
> dropped the Replace: line from the libpanel-applet0 control file?

A Replaces field doesn't remove a package at all. A Replaces is only
here to avoid dpkg error, when dpkg try to overwrite a file who exist in
a previous packages.

may be I still don't understand what do you mean ?


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