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Re: How to compile GNOME 1.4 panel applets on Sid now?

On Sun, 2003-02-02 at 15:04, Marek Habersack wrote:
> > > however, libpanel-applet0 does not contain the devel files required to
> > > compile the code - how can it replace libpanel-applet-dev then? And how do I
> > > compile the code now?
> > 
> > This package has been removed from unstable.
> I noticed. Still, the libpanel-applet0 package should not replace
> libpanel-applet-dev. The former does not provide what the latter used to -
> therefore it is _not_ a replacement and it creates an unnecessary confusion.

Replaces doesn't mean what it seems you think it does. In particular, it
does not mean "This package is a replacement for that one" unless
Conflicts is also present. Anyways, this is moot, since the packages no
longer exist.

>From Policy:

7.5. Overwriting files and replacing packages - `Replaces'

     The `Replaces' control file field has two distinct purposes, which
     come into play in different situations.

7.5.1. Overwriting files in other packages
     However, if the overwriting package declares that it `Replaces' the
     one containing the file being overwritten, then `dpkg' will replace
     the file from the old package with that from the new.  The file
     no longer be listed as `owned' by the old package.

7.5.2. Replacing whole packages, forcing their removal

     Secondly, `Replaces' allows the packaging system to resolve which
     package should be removed when there is a conflict - see Section
     `Conflicting binary packages - `Conflicts''.  This usage only takes
     effect when the two packages _do_ conflict, so that the two usages
     this field do not interfere with each other.
     In this situation, the package declared as being replaced can be a
     virtual package, so for example, all mail transport agents (MTAs)
     would have the following fields in their control files:
          Provides: mail-transport-agent
          Conflicts: mail-transport-agent
          Replaces: mail-transport-agent
     ensuring that only one MTA can be installed at any one time.

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