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Re: announcement: go-md2man-v2 uploaded to NEW queue Bug#971549: ITP: golang-github-dgryski-go-metro -- metrohash library in golang Bug#971651: ITP: golang-github-pires-go-proxyproto -- golang library of PROXY protocol for v1 and v2 Bug#971787: ITP: golang-github-advancedlogic-goose -- Html Content / Article Extractor in Golang Bug#971932: rclone FTBFS consistently on mipsel Bug#972370: RM: rclone [mipsel] -- ROM; FTBFS on mipsel Bug#972573: RFP: crowdsec -- lightweight agent to detect and respond to bad behaviours. It also automatically benefits from our global community-wide IP reputation database Bug#972851: ITP: golang-github-evanw-esbuild -- extremely fast JavaScript bundler and minifier Bug#972929: RFP: xe-guest-utilities dh-make-golang and vendor directory gitlab-shell buster-backports and golang 1.15 Help uploading a new version of kxd Remove dead PET link from go-team.pages.d.n Re: RFS: golang-github-axgle-mahonia/0.0~git20180208.3358181-1 [ITP] -- Character-set conversion library implemented in Go. Re: RFS: golang-github-dkolbly-wl/0.0~git20180220.b06f57e-1 [ITP] -- Golang wayland protocol implementation. (library) Re: RFS: golang-github-kelvins-sunrisesunset/1.0-1 [ITP] -- Go package that provides the sunrise and sunset equation. RFS: fzf/0.22.0-1 [ITA] -- general-purpose command-line fuzzy finder The last update was on 10:00 GMT Fri Oct 30. There are 23 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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