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Re: gitlab-shell buster-backports and golang 1.15

On Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 17:30, Shengjing Zhu <zhsj@debian.org> wrote:
On Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 5:23 PM Pirate Praveen <praveen@onenetbeyond.org> wrote:
It's a go1.13 feature

 I tried building with newer golang-golang-x-net-dev as well as
 golang-any 1:1.14 but still fails with same error.

 I suspect this could be related to version of golang, in
 unstable/testing it is 1.15 so we may need the newer golang version.
Can someone confirm if this is indeed the case? If yes, do we plan to
 backport golang 1.15? I can also help with backporting.

I think it has happened before? The aptitude resolver has a problem in
-backports to pick up gccgo rather than golang-go.
gccgo in buster only implements go1.10

I tried earlier with golang-go as well just to be sure, but did not force the golang-go version from buster-backports (my mistake). Now with golang-go (>= 2:1.14~) as build dependency, I can build gitlab-shell. Thanks a lot for the help.

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