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dh-make-golang and vendor directory

Hello Team,

I am working on packaging a golang program for Debian and I am using
dh-make-golang to bootstrap the debian directory. This particular
project includes a 'vendor' directory that I need to remove from the
upstream source. dh-make-golang detects this directory and deletes it
but then it downloads the released upstream source tarball from GitHub
which contains the vendor directory. The end result is that the git
repo created by dh-make-golang still contains the vendor directory.

Based on my understanding of the workflow documented in [0], I need to
make an 'upstream/repackaged' branch from the 'upstream/<version>' tag
and remove the vendor directory. Since dh-make-golang has already
created a 'debian/sid' branch *with* a commit for ignoring quilt dir
.pc, should I rebase this branch off of 'upstream/repackaged'?

When running dh-make-golang, is there a way to prevent it from making
a commit on 'debian/sid`?



[0]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-go/2020/02/msg00044.html

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