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Re: Bug#922842: ITP: golang-github-containers-image -- Work with containers' images Re: Bug#924618: RFS: golang-github-kevinburke-ssh-config/0.5-1 Re: Bug#924783: RFS: golang-github-anmitsu-go-shlex/0.0~git20161002.648efa6-1 Re: Bug#924893: RFS: golang-github-emirpasic-gods/1.12.0-1 Re: Bug#924930: RFS: golang-github-cloudfoundry-jibber-jabber/0.0~git20151120.bcc4c83-1 Bug#926169: ITP: golang-github-badgerodon-collections -- Collection of Golang types. Bug#926172: ITP: golang-github-jbenet-go-context -- context.Context extensions Bug#926173: ITP: golang-github-jbenet-go-context -- context.Context extensions Bug#926263: ITP: docui -- TUI Client for Docker Bug#926444: ITP: golang-github-minio-blake2b-simd -- Fast hashing using pure Go implementation of BLAKE2b with SIMD instructions Bug#926590: ITP: golang-github-skanehira-gocui-component -- Easy to use gocui library components Bug#926804: ITP: golang-github-x86kernel-htmlcolor -- HTML syntax highlighter for Go Bug#927018: ITP: golang-github-jesseduffield-termbox-go -- pure Go implementation of termbox library Bug#927019: ITP: golang-github-jesseduffield-gocui -- minimalist console user interfaces Go library Bug#927020: ITP: golang-github-jesseduffield-pty -- Go package for using Unix pseudo-terminals Bug#927083: ITP: golang-github-heroku-rollrus -- Logrus Rollbar Hook Bug#927099: unblock: golang-google-cloud/0.9.0-10 Bug#927381: ITP: golang-github-jesseduffield-go-getter -- download from a URL using a variety of protocols Bug#927396: ITP: golang-github-mgutz-to -- Convenient type conversion utilities for Go Bug#927398: ITP: golang-github-mgutz-minimist -- Port of substack/minimist to Go Bug#927416: ITP: golang-github-konsorten-go-windows-terminal-sequences -- Enable support for Windows Terminal Colors Bug#927666: ITP: golang-github-mgutz-str -- comprehensive set of string functions Bug#927675: ITP: golang-github-src-d-gcfg -- reads INI-style configuration files into Go structs Bug#927687: ITP: golang-gopkg-src-d-go-git.v4 -- highly extensible Git implementation in pure Go Bug#927694: ITP: golang-gopkg-src-d-go-git-fixtures.v3 -- several git fixtures to run go-git tests Bug#927799: RFP: termshark -- simple terminal user-interface for tshark Bug#927894: ITP: golang-github-guptarohit-asciigraph -- Make lightweight ASCII line graph in CLI apps with no other dependencies Bug#927895: ITP: golang-github-go-test-deep -- Golang deep variable equality test that returns human-readable differences Bug#927897: ITP: golang-github-gcla-gowid -- Compositional widgets for terminal user interfaces, inspired by urwid Bug#927909: ITP: golang-github-gcla-deep -- Golang deep variable equality test that returns human-readable differences Bug#928083: ITP: golang-github-containers-buildah -- A tool that facilitates building OCI images Bug#928201: ITP: golang-github-oklog-run -- Universal mechanism to manage goroutine lifecycles Bug#928202: ITP: golang-github-ryanuber-go-glob -- Basic string globs in golang Bug#928203: ITP: golang-github-armon-go-proxyproto -- Golang package to handle HAProxy Proxy Protocol Bug#928227: unblock: golang-golang-x-net-dev/1:0.0+git20181201.351d144+dfsg-3 Bug#928255: ITP: golang-github-schollz-closestmatch -- Golang library for fuzzy matching within a set of strings Bug#928258: ITP: golang-github-sap-go-hdb -- SAP HANA Database Client for Go Bug#928259: ITP: golang-github-jeffail-gabs -- For parsing, creating and editing unknown or dynamic JSON in Go Bug#928260: ITP: golang-github-jefferai-jsonx -- Object or JSON -> JSONx. Because sometimes your luck runs out. Failing CI on Salsa Re: gopasspw packaging (#901133) New package: exercism Please don't update package not for buster to unstable Procedural questions RFS: ffcvt version 1.3.3 Re: RFS: golang-github-anmitsu-go-shlex/0.0~git20161002.648efa6-1 RFS: golang-github-badgerodon-collections/0.0~git20130729.604e922-1 Re: RFS: golang-github-cloudfoundry-jibber-jabber/0.0~git20151120.bcc4c83-1 Re: RFS: golang-github-emirpasic-gods/1.12.0-1 Re: RFS: golang-github-gliderlabs-ssh/0.1.3-1 RFS: golang-github-hashicorp-go-safetemp, golang-github-fzambia-sentinel RFS: golang-github-heroku-rollrus/0.0~git20190402.fde2a6b-1 RFS: golang-github-jbenet-go-context/0.0~git20150711.d14ea06-1 RFS: golang-github-jesseduffield-go-getter RFS: golang-github-jesseduffield-gocui RFS: golang-github-jesseduffield-pty RFS: golang-github-jesseduffield-termbox-go Re: RFS: golang-github-kevinburke-ssh-config/0.5-1 RFS: golang-github-mgutz-minimist/0.0~git20151219.39eb8cf-1 RFS: golang-github-mgutz-str RFS: golang-github-mgutz-to/1.0.0-1 Re: RFS: golang-github-michaeltjones-walk/0.0~git20161122.4748e29-1 RFS: golang-github-muesli-crunchy Re: RFS: golang-github-nozzle-throttler/1.1-1 RFS: golang-github-src-d-gcfg Re: RFS: golang-gopkg-src-d-go-billy.v4/4.3.0-1 Re: security support for golang packages in Buster Thanks for packaging golang-github-biogo-hts-dev - help for other biology related go package needed Re: Updating golang packages The last update was on 11:46 GMT Mon Jun 10. 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