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Re: RFS: golang-github-muesli-crunchy


this happens during gbp clone:
gbp:info: Cloning from 'https://salsa.debian.org/go-team/packages/golang-github-muesli-crunchy'
gbp:info: Running Postclone hook
 W: Unable to locate package golang-github-muesli-crunchy
 Trying uscan --download --download-current-version ...
 uscan warn: In debian/watch no matching hrefs for version 0.1+git20181030.ee5032c in watch line
  https://github.com/muesli/crunchy/tags .*/v?(\d\S*)\.tar\.gz
 Could not find any location for golang-github-muesli-crunchy_0.1+git20181030.ee5032c.orig.tar.*
 gbp:error: Postclone-hook 'origtargz' failed: it exited with 1


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