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Failing CI on Salsa

Dear Go Team,

Seems like recently CI is failing on multiple projects with this message:

still does not compile (but different error):
github.com/mwitkow/go-conntrack. error "exit status 1" (before: "exit
status 2")
--- FAIL: TestListenerTestSuite (0.05s)
--- FAIL: TestListenerTestSuite/TestMonitoringNormalConns (0.01s)
Error Trace: listener_test.go:81
Error: Not equal:
expected: 1
actual : 2
Test: TestListenerTestSuite/TestMonitoringNormalConns
Messages: the closed conn counter must be incremented after connection
was closed
listener_test.go:97: stopped http.Server at:
FAIL github.com/mwitkow/go-conntrack 0.239s
? github.com/mwitkow/go-conntrack/connhelpers [no test files]

For reference, you can observe it here:

I think it can be fixed by repackaging "github.com/mwitkow/go-conntrack" and
applying directly on upstream source the patch that is provided in
debian/patches or
maybe supply it to original author on github.

What are your thoughts?


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