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Procedural questions

Hi folks,

There is a set of go tools that we use for sysadmin/devops work, and
getting them into debian proper would be a huge boon in terms of
ease-of-install and use. These tools are widely used, so debian
packaging would presumably benefit the wider community.

Intrepidly I set out to package these tools myself, but I've found
myself in a deep dark dependency pit and am in need of advice.

There seems to be 3 cases when it comes to dependencies:

1. A dependency is not yet packaged
2. A dependency is packaged, but the version in debian is older than the
version required
3. A dependency is packaged, but the version in debian is newer than the
version required

Case #1 is simply a matter of recursion, no questions there.

My questions are about #2 and #3.

This seems to raise a philosophical question of sorts. Since it is
evidently common in the go community to pin versions of certain
dependencies, it is the case that you can run multiple tools
side-by-side that are using different versions of one dep.

What's the proper way to handle these cases?

For context, two of the problematic packages that exhibit cases 2 and 3 are:

dh-make-golang github.com/devopsmakers/xterrafile
dh-make-golang -allow_unknown_hoster go.mozilla.org/sops



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