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Re: Using optional components in packages

On Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 07:50:41PM +0100, Jochen Topf wrote:
Incidentally, current luajit in main does not distribute a -dev package or
even any headers/*.so.  That could be an oversight or not. The luajit
maintainer should be taken in the loop to understand if that is viable,
before any other action.

Note that the interpreter is compatible at API/ABI level
with the ordinary Lua 5.1 interpreter, but if osm2pgsql chooses to
explicitly build in different way the inners are probably different, and
could be officially exposed or not, or even stable or not. Finally, a check
osm2pgsql upstream is mandatory, the support for luajit could also be
dropped in the near future, wouldn't be the first time...

I am one of the "osm2pgsql upstream" and we have no intention to drop
support for it, because the performance is so much better. That's why I
started this thread.

Ah I missed that, so the point is understanding why no -dev package
is available in main. As said could be a choice or an oversight.

Osm2pgsql isn't doing much special with regards to LuaJIT, it is just a
matter of which library to link to.

But if Bas doesn't want to support it, that's totally understandable and
I can live with that decision.

Supporting a double building is another matter, without solving the previous aspect that can't be done in any case. An even in the case a user would
do that her/himself by apt-source that would be more complicated. Would you
simply open a wishlist bug for luajit?
Francesco P. Lovergine

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