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Re: Using optional components in packages

On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 11:16:18AM +0100, Jochen Topf wrote:
> > > To enable LuaJIT, the osm2pgsql package needs a build dependency on
> > > libluajit-5.1-dev and add the option "-DWITH_LUAJIT=ON" to the cmake
> > > command line.
> > 
> > The luajit package is stuck at 2.1.0~beta3 since stretch, upstream has
> > no newer releases, the repo on GitHub is active, but has no newer tags
> > either. Doesn't seem like a very healthy project, and hence no a good
> > idea to use for the osm2pgsql package.
> I have reached out to the upstream developer. We'll see what he says.

I didn't hear anything back yet. :-(

Lua itself is pretty stable though, not much is changing in the last
years. I'd hate to leave that much performance on the table (or having
to tell users that they need to compile it themselves). Can we compile
this twice, once without LuaJIT for stability and once for performance
with LuaJIT? Does that make sense?

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