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Hello after I update the upstream sources using; gbp import-orig --pristine-tar

how do i create another archive with dfsg suffix ?. Last time, johan or andreas had created this archive but I cannot find how to do it for OTB 5.2.0

On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 10:49 AM, Rashad Kanavath <mohammedrashadkm@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Bas,

Thanks a lot for fixes in packaging.

On Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 10:31 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg <sebastic@xs4all.nl> wrote:
On 21-12-15 15:54, Rashad Kanavath wrote:
> I had add a patch to fix the itk.
> http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-grass/otb.git/commit/?id=05cd8983a0f4fe0f2b4fae1bc50309fb3c7b9ef1
> This way it prevent dragging of all gdcm and other dependencies from ITK
> when building OTB.
> I had also updated the symbol files for i386 architecture. Hope it is in
> good state now.

We can actually build OTB in a clean pbuilder chroot again, so that's
much better now. Thanks!.

lintian reports quite a number of duplicate-in-relation-field issues for
libotb-apps & libotb. Sorting the dependencies alphabetically will make
these easier to spot. You can also use the wrap-and-sort utility from
devscripts for this. I've committed a fix for this.

lintian also reported a bunch of duplicate short descriptions, like the
long description, you can make it more descriptive by referencing the
library in question. I've committed a fix for this too.

The new itk-modules-list.patch is still missing DEP3 patch headers, can
you add those?

The Last-Update header in the patches also didn't conform to the DEP3
specification which documents the use of the ISO date format
(YYYY-MM-DD). Please see http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep3/ for more

There were still a bunch of spelling errors for which I've updated the
patch. Please forward the patches upstream.

I had added a bug report here: https://bugs.orfeo-toolbox.org/view.php?id=1123
Two of the spelling-error issues are false positives, for which
commented lintian overrides should be added. As should be done for the
hardening-no-fortify-functions false positives.

dh_install also reported two more files that aren't explicitly handled:

dh_install --list-missing
dh_install: usr/share/doc/OTB-5.0/LICENSE exists in debian/tmp but is
not installed to anywhere
dh_install: usr/lib/otb/python/otbApplication.pyc exists in debian/tmp
but is not installed to anywhere

I can do rm for these files. ?

The amd64 symbols needed an update too, to account for the recent
toolchain updates. You should always update your sid pbuilder chroots
before working on package, because new uploads to unstable happen every
day. And binary packages from the maintainer don't get rebuilt until
there is a binNMU.

With thatm I think most of the issues are handled now. I'm not sure if
it's wise to upload it now with the pending new release. Hopefully we
can drop most of the patches if those get forwarded in time.

No. I will update the packages with new upstream source and update you.

Kind Regards,


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